Lost Bearing

Lost my bearing to my Fiesta XX today outside on the lawn and wanted to know if anyone has any tips or tricks to finding it? If I could get a metal detector or large powerful magnet I’d have it by now…
I threw some wood boards out on the grass so it’ll die faster but other then that, looking for hours, and ordering a new one idk what to do…

Anyone have similar experiences about lost parts and finding them?

I think its less trouble to just buy a new one honestly.

Wait till it’s dark and come out with a flashlight. It should be shiny. That’s how I found my axle on carpet.

I advise against the magnet is it might find the bearing but could also magnetize it.

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Wood boards? Killing grass? What? Unless you’re unemployed and your time is worth zero dollars an hour, just buy a new one. And even if your time is worth zero dollars, still just buy a new one and do something better with your time.


I’d rather not spend the money if I don’t have to. Even when I do get more bearings It’d still be nice to find the one I lost… even if it gets all rusted out. Why would I not wanna find something I lost?

Because the time spent alone in your yard killing grass and looking for a rusted $5 bearing is time you’ll never get back.


I know that feel of just wanting to find a lost thing. I tore apart my house looking for a bearing that I KNOW IS IN HERE! I’ll still find it some day when I’m not looking for it…

But they’re right. So right. It’s not worth your time and energy. If you can bring yourself to just let it go, you’ll be happier. :wink:

Ok, rule number one. >>>>> Never, ever ever; like in Neverever; with the emphasis on ‘Never’; take a Yoyo apart while standing on the grass.

I noticed that nobody really ask you to address ‘why/how’ did you lose a bearing in the grass? Unless you took your yo apart over the grass?

Rule number 2 < see Rule number 1

People spend hundreds of dollars and hours on end, to get a nice green lawn. You would put boards over the grass, to make it die? A small shiny bearing would contrast with anything not shiny or silver colored. How would/could killing the grass improve your chances of finding the bearing?

'Why would you not want to find something you lost?

Rule number 3 > Anything you lose, that costs less than a Happy meal and a Coke; is just a waste of Life; looking for it.

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I missed the catch and it bounced on the grass and rolled for a bit got onto the sidewalk and came undone. That’s the best way I can explain it. It all happened so fast… but this all happened in such a way I’m just really curious where it could be where I have not found it. I probably stepped on it a few times trying to find it. The whole event is just very perplexing like it should have been on the sidewalk somewhere? but idk… Also it’s not so much the cost but the true value of what it means to me. I’m new to 4A play and love it, I got my first one hand bind and was doing ok with suicides today till I lost my bearing and now it’s going to be like a week before I can play my not even week old throw I was so excited to get.

Now… That story makes much more sense. Actually, I think I would look for that lost bearing too, lol. Even if I had 10 extra bearings that fit the Fiesta.

I would just be so curious how/where it could have vanished?

But I think I would order a few bearings, first. And then I would go back to looking for the mystery bearing.

That way, there is less pressure of having to find the lost one; and more mental energy to look for it; knowing that even if you don’t find it; the partial solution is in the mail.

But, regardless, I wouldn’t take it out on the lawn, lol. Just crawl along, looking for the bearing carefully; like a Homicide Detective; looking for evidence.

Sometimes it is Amazing, where you eventually find stuff. I understand how completing a ‘Mission’ sometimes cancels out any feeling of the time you seem to be wasting.

It seems more like wasted time; if you end up not finding anything. Everybody likes a happy ending.

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I don’t know if yours can, but my phone (galaxy s5) can be used as a metal detector, with a moderate amount of success (if you’re patient).

If your phone has a compass, it should work. you can find an app in the play store, I use smart compass.

I hope you find your bearing, but like posted above, I would just buy a coupleof spare bearings until you can find the one you lost.

Also, iI would go as far as killing the grass for a $5 bearing… That’s just uncalled for if you ask me.

My dad spent over $2000 on our lawn to make it look great and we have someone here killing his grass to find a $5 bearing ::slight_smile:

That’s like… 8 Draupnirs!



Yeah, I know where that conversation would go.