OK, I just want something to screw around with when I want a little break from 1A. I did a little looking at Amazon and I like the look of this Yoyo King Looper but I am going to be placing an order of string here soon so I want to get it all at once. Just one handed for now at least. I suck at regens so maybe this will help.

I am shying away from duncan due to the response stickers. Basically, I do not want to mod it. I want to start throwing out of the box (I will lube the bearing but not modding). YYF Loop 360’s or YYJ or what? Which Companys Thick Lube to order too? Something that is in stock here please.


Edit, I guess I can look at the YYF Loop 360 Starter Pack since it comes with a bearing tool and lube. How are the 360’s to learn with?

I personally use YYJ Unleashed. YYF Loop 1080s are good too. Might just be me but 360s loop a little too slow for me, and they’re not as stable in my experience.

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I see the starburst on the Unleashed. In your experience, is there any real difference between the starburst and response pads on the returns?

Nothing major enough to mention. Starburst does last a lot longer though.

the best out of box looper is LP. Buy 2 black yomega spacers and put one in each and itll play almost the same as raiders

I like the starburst on the 1080, it is much quieter than a 360. But I like the fact the 360 has no spacers. I also like the lighter weight on the 360, and how cheap it is - I keep one in my jacket.

In other words I find each has pros and cons, and I use them both.