looping qustions?

I was wondering about a looping yoyo that sleeps.
Is it better to have a looping yoyo thats sleeps are dosnt sleep?

actually both. the Sunset Trajectory fully tightned stock when you first get it can’t sleep at all. But when you loosen the gap slightly it can still loop and sleep.

It helps if it sleeps, not sure why but it does trust me.

You want both a little. Some tricks like around the world require sleep times. It really isnt about if it sleeps or not. It matters more about the shape.

thank you-
I am looking in to bye a loop 720. I saw it could sleep and didnt know it would be good for me. this helped me alot.

i prefer my beetle unlike most of those i find it strange that the friction stickers barely wear out the string
cause after about 2 monthes I WAS ON MY FIRST STRING STILL to bad my stickers wore out lol

okay, I will say that the Loop 720 is a goood starter yo-yo but I have heard that it is nosiy.
I have played with a Sunset Trajectory and it is very good.