Looping players..

When did you started looping?? In how much time did you learned looping?? Which yoyo you used? How good are you now.

I started like 3-4 years ago with loop 720 for a few months before switching to modded Raiders and 900.
Looping, you mean like two handed loops? a few months to “look like someone who can do looping”, but it took me about three years to get that “locked in” loops, you will understand that “locked in” feeling once you can really do it. It took me too long because I practiced wrong in like 1-2 years (I tilted it in the opposite direction thinking it’s not a problem, wrong), then it took me about 1 more year to unlearn everything and start learning the correct loops.
Milk the cow only took me a few months to “lock”.
As a matter of fact, I’m better at doing milk the cow combos than loops, but these loops are catching up, I believe only a few months from now I can do it as good, I still have problems when I looping outside-outside cross (not sure what they call it) but pretty much very consistent in general.
Now I use modded Fireballs.

This was me, I think about a year ago or something, you can see that my loops are still not locked in.

this was 5 months ago, wait for my turn

Sorry I haven’t had my newer videos uploaded yet.

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Cool story think that’s why you have your signature as play smart not hard.
Any queries on looping can we pm you.

Of course, ask me anything. I’m not the best 2a player out there so I can only help as much as I know.

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How are your Yomega Fireballs modded?

Fireball body + raider axle + raider plastic spacers + raider bearings.
Sand the plastic spacer down to slightly lower than the starburst. Assemble everything together. If the gap is really wide, push both sides gently together (will make clicking sound) to move the nuts inside the yoyo further out (usually work with raider body, fireball body often have the nuts further out already). Overtighten a little at a time, then back up, then overtight again. If the yoyo loop too downward it’s cranked too much.
If the yoyo was cranked too much, put three raider metal spacers or some size A bearings then tighten to pull the nuts closer and “reset” the setting. Keep in mind that modding is not reversible and resetting can only be done a few times.
plastic spacer higher than starburst = inconsistent response
plastic spacer flush with starburst = heavy, have to crank less, may be inconsistent once the starburst starts wearing out, good for long string
plastic spacer slightly lower than starburst = good response, good spin time, consistent
plastic spacer way lower than starburst = have to crank more, loop downward, only good for very short string