Looping Ninja

So since picking up my 720s yesterday after months, inspired by the Sunrise…

I have essentially become a looping ninja. Not to brag or anything. But going from 3 to 30 loops and going inside to outside a few times is a huge step for me. I have tried and given up on looping so many times. I tried 720s, 2020, Raider, Fireball, and was about to try the Sunrise as well. (Still probably will)

I also strap one on the left hand and went from gravity drop to forward pass to almost ten loops. LEFT HANDED!!! Honestly gravity drop to 10 loops. I am certainly not a ninja but darn excited.

Thanks @AndreBoulay for posting that first person video. It just seemed to click and you seen me attempt in person.


Wow - love this!

There is something really special about looping too - its a very relaxed type of throwing. Super meditative feeling.

Glad to know that first person view helped. Let me know if you get stuck on anything else like that - its fun to try and come up with new ways to give tips and teach!


Honestly, if you could do that same kind of shot with the slo motion showing some outside loops that would probably help me as well! Plus that walking trail and those yeallow Sunrises are very nice.


Ive been struggling getting hops consistent. My loops got real good since worlds but im moving on to hops and theyre a whole different beast :joy:


Interesting! What would you say made it click after all that time?

Honestly after seeing that little clip Andre posted. I was essentially turning my hand like returning a forward pass and rolling in and over to send it back out. That may work the first time for me, but after that it just goes all over the place. Now my hand stays relatively straight in a hand shaking position. And the flip and sent out of the yoyo is done with my finger only. The hand goes up and down some and pivots a little at the wrist I guess, but it feels like it’s alot in the finger and the wrist movement. Hard to explain I guess.


Cool! Congrats! Maybe the time away made your brain forget the bad habits and the video started you fresh on the right track.

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We can be loop brothers. I’m working on getting my two handed loops, both inside and outside, to the point where I can just do them forever. Then I’ll work on wraps and all that stuff

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Absolutely agree.

I would like to get to the point where I can just walk around looping like nothing is going on. Right now I need to concentrate so much on it I’m fairly tense.