Looping Hurts

I literally just looped first time, all day. OMG my finger!!! It hurts!!! Does my finger just get stronger and then not hurt? I know I’ll get calluses and it won’t hurt that way but my finger is like sore! LOL! Laugh at my weakness but I learned how to loop in a day both inside and out I can do about 10 loops every time! Hah! Here I come Grant!

Congrats dude ! I’m still learning and moved to string tricks now. when I started looping my finger hurt as well. it goes away after a few days. I actually used a fabric bandaid when my finger got really sore, that way I could still continue looping and practicing. then after a few days the pain went away and the finger got " used" to it :slight_smile: stay at it. 10 in and out is great.


Awesome! But do you mean like your hand is tired because you did so many loops? Yeah that’ll go away.

I’m pretty sure he meant because the string was digging into his finger.

That’s awesome! 10 loops? lol, I only have an Imperial to loop with and the highest I can get on it is six…
I haven’t tried to buy a looping yoyo yet.
I’m counting on winning that Duncan Imperial Contest… Has a bunch of cool yoyos, including some looping yoyos… :wink:

I agree it does hurt but youll eventually get use to it.

Try some of that white cloth tape used for First Aid on the string finger.

I have had my yo yo only turn over 90Deg instead of 180 and come flying back and smash the end of my string finger. That hurts ! :-\

I want my NXG back Cameron.