Looping Faster

I have been practicing looping but i can only go slowly and sometimes how can i loop faster, i shorten my string so i cant do that,

And also, sometimes when im using my non-dominant hand, the yoyo will just sleep at the end of the string when i throw it, how can i stop this?

lube, tension and the gap.
more tension=faster loops

Ok, but there is something wrong with the technique with my left hand because i can loop the same yoyo with my right, but when i use my left, it will just sleep at the end of the string or have a long delay, I have no idea what it is though

low string tension

that would make sense since looping with my left makes it tighter i loosen it with sidewinder sometimes

All u need is practice and make sure when ur looping with ur left hand, the tension is not to loose. Don’t use sidewinder to much. Always check ur string tension. With the feel when looping u should know when to adjust and how much adjustment to make.

Also will help that so make u gap a little more tighter than non-dominant hand hand than dominant hand. If own loop 900’s that would help you alot. Ur non-dominant hand would have a different preference of responsiveness than ur dominant hand.

Where can i get a new key for my loop 900s, i lost the one i had