2a loops

Are their any “secret techniques” or way to make loops more consistent beside endless hours of practice? Second question what causes the yoyo to turn sideways while looping? Just looking on ways to improve quicker. I can so far do about 5 consecutive loops with no problems, but with both hands at the same time I’m lucky to get one loop.

The way you flick the yoyo out is what determines the direction, but its all about practice and getting the feel for it. Really no short cuts in yoyoing.

I know their are no shortcuts, I mean more of a learning technique. Such as standing against a wall for breakaways. And by direction of the flick. What exactly do you mean by that? My yoyo keeps going horizontal after a while, is that because I’m not flicking the yoyo straight out and I’m going to the side? Thanks

Yes. Just focus on flicking it straight every time. Not really any “training wheels” for looping either. I’ve been attempting it for several months and I’m about where you are, and I can tell its going to be a long while before I can loop with both hands.

I learned that the flick has a lot to do with the wrists, not elbows or arms.

2a is all about timing. Incorrect timing between your loops is what causes it to turn. The only remedy for this is practice
You can make it easier on yourself by using shorter, more responsive string. I use slightly-longer-than-arm-length 50/50 string personally. Also what yoyos are you using? I found that when I switched to loop 900s, it was a pretty dramatic improvement from whatever I was using before them.

Not sure if you’re trying to do 2 handed loops, but I would recommend against that. Practice with one hand, then the other, until you can very consistently loop at the right angle. I could do about 100 loops with each hand (and that’s just because i ran out of string tension :P) before moving on to doing it at the same time.

That’s one of the first things I did when I got my throws I made the string a lot shorter. Haha I’m currently using 2 macarons, I know not the best throw, but I liked the look and was cheap. I also increased the response a lot by double looping the bearing a couple times. Im also using thick kitty string I gotta wait till I get more thick lube though. And I see what you all mean by the wrist motion now. Do you guys hold the string or pinch it while looping? I currently don’t, but I could see that adding control.

you don’t want to pinch it like they said before flick your wrist out. Which loops are you working on outside or inside?

honestly like everyone said, practice. I have found there is no tips or tricks to get better quicker. I have found its more about timing, like dynikus said, than technique. I can finally loop with both hands at once and it took me forever! Practice Practice Practice