Looping a perspective.

I have 2 loopers Duncan Pulse And Yoyofactory Loop 808 and
Its easier doing looping on Pulse why is that? Its much easier to control the tilt and looping without looking at the yoyo.

And if you get hold of inside looping how difficult is outside looping.

And what are other looping yoyo that are good for looping like which is the fastest and which is the slowest?

Different yoyos or setup require different ways of moving your fingers/hands, I would guess that the Pulse suits you more, or that you haven’t played or get used to the 808 enough. Once you “really” can loop, any looping yoyo will work.
There is no slower or faster looping yoyo, instead fast player and slow player, however string length will naturally affect the speed since there the yoyo have to make wider circle, other than that it’s the player.