So I just got my first looping yoyo today (yyf 808 loop) i have never looped before and now a few hours later I can get about 5 consistent loops and it seems like the string tension is really loose after about 15 loops. I know it loosens when you loop but should it loosen that fast?


Mine loosens at about 20+ loops, but it depends how tight the string starts at and what string you use. I use regular poly string.


That’s fairly normal. If you alternate inside and outside loops it will stay pretty much neutral.


Very normal. Learn how to do sidewinder :]


The 808 is too responsive for a sidewinder, gotta throw a UFO :stuck_out_tongue:


I think a sidewinder might still be possible, I believe I can do it on some fixed axles…


It sure is. Do a light throw and you can do it.

I’m still learning to manage 2A string tension. I much prefer my pair of Unleashed. The 808’s aren’t bad, but they don’t feel competitive. I’d say a pair of Loop808’s is a fantastic budget-friendly way to get into 2A. What I also like is it helps kids with small hands do some tricks since it’s so narrow. For example, my son, I bought a Raider for so he could do rock the baby and have a looper. His hands are small(because he was 5) and just could not open it up enough to do the trick with a ONE. Now that he’s older, he can do the trick no problem with a DM2(his biggest 1A throw).

But back to the 808’s, and 2A throws in general. I find if I want to do a sidewinder, I need to do a light throw. If I do a hard throw, the yoyo is way too responsive(any modified shape yoyo for that matter) and comes snapping back at me. If I do a light throw, then I’m down to 2 problems: I either throw it too light(not often) and can’t bring it back, much less do a sidewinder, or in my case, I don’t do the sidewinder properly. It’s all preferences, practice and learning. Keep at it.


Looping is all getting the feel for it. Even with loops themselves, you don’t put all your energy in every throw. It’s more timing and exerting the right force. Looping tricks is all about endurance, timing, and feel :]


Yes, sidewinder was originally developed on fixed axle yoyos.


raiders where desinged for old school 1A, which explains why they don’t exactly loop right with out mods. keep that in mind.