Loop 2020 Help!

I have a few a couple looping yoyos, the 2020 and a Fireball. I also have a Deep State.

I can loop a couple times and it gets wicked wonky from there. I’m still working on it. Forward pass is consistent.

My main question is my Loop 2020 seems too unresponsive. Both the deep state and fireball seem to snap back and wind tight. The Loop 2020 will forward pass a couple times but the bind seems to loosen every time. So much that a forward pass is a dead throw no spin.

I had it setup with thick lube and fat kitty string and #2 everything. Then I set it up with Shu Takada setup. Now I have it setup with #3 axle and #2 response and white spacers.

Any advice?

Have you ever lubed the 2020? If not I would apply a drop of thick lube and see if that helps. Maybe switch to a more responsive spacer if living ti doesn’t work.
String length is really important for 2a. I know Shu Takada has a string length of about 70cm. I would try a little longer then 70cm and see if that is better. For the most part 2a is just practice. Keep going and you’ll eventually get it. I’ve been slowly working at putting both hands together for about 4 weeks. Its getting there!

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Good point. I could drop in one shorter spacer and try from there.

I do lube it, yyf thick lube. I put 2 on axle, drop the bearing on, and put 2 more drops.

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I did see the Shu Takada 2020 setup guide. Although he does use 4 drops of thick lube he cleans his bearing before every practice session. Personally I only put two drops of thick lube. I think you should clean the bearing and only use one or two drops of thick lube and a drop of thin lube.

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That is true. I’ve been on a bearing cleaning kick lately as well. I have not done this one yet.

Normally I leave the shields off of my other bearings, both when cleaning and playing. Not sure how this affects responsive play. When you clean and lube for looping, do you remove and replace the shields? Or would leaving them on to clean make a difference? Or leaving them off affect play?

I did put black spacers in and it is much more responsive. So currently, black spacers, #3 axle, and #2 starbursts.

I don’t remove the bearing shields when I clean them. I’m not sure if they will affect play but I would leave them on just in case

Yeah I agree, at least with these. I’ll leave them on.

I realized my issue…and I feel like a heel!

It was assembled with the spacers turned around so the flat side was against the bearing. So I assumed thats how it was supposed to be. I opened a 720 and noticed the cupped side of the spacer was against the bearing. Problem solved.