Loop 1080

Are there any unboxing, play, review on the loop 1080’s??? None on YouTube.

I should have done an unboxing video. I got them out of the box, adjusted the strings, did a few loops, tried to do a basic arm wrap and immediately broke a light and hit myself in the collarbone.

I’m in the all-time Bottom Five of 2A players, ever. Sure love watching it, though. :wink:

Darnit, Steve! That sounds like a fun video that I’d watch! And no, I’m not being sarcastic. I really want an unboxing too. I’m one of those people who’s very stoked for the Loop1080 but I have no money to buy a pair yet D:

Darn, I haven’t found a single video. Or written review or anything. :o

Realistically, this is the only review of the Loop 1080 that you need:

My arms get tired just watching this. Dudes a beast.

I’ve seen that. :slight_smile: I want to see a persons opinion(talking :P) but thanks for your help Steve, I’ll just wait for mine!! (Christmas ;))

My pair of Loop 1080’s arrived yesterday(Monday, December 17, 2012. But since I’m slammed with 2 ASAP deadline video projects, and an on-location recording gig Thursday, these are literally in the same pile with my Cliff: unopened from the USPS Priority Mail boxes.

Not to derail, but when my AL7 Albatross arrived, after I did my captures for maybe attempting to make one of my unboxing animations, when I finally said “OK, just 5 minutes”, next thing I knew it was 3AM. I started at like 1:30AM.

You think you’ll get to them this or next week??

Possible but best there will be are photos. That’s about it.

I’m behind on an animation I want to make, and another one, the box hasn’t arrived, but there’s more urgency on that due to what’s inside and that one WILL have an animation.

This video project went from OK to “crap, I have to redo someone else’s work from flawed source files since he won’t turn over the raw source files”. Twice. Just time, that’s all. Needs to be done before Thursday, and Thursday I have a gig to record and I have to do multi-camera editing it and have 50 copies before 8:45AM Friday. No pressure!

I agree with Steve Brown. Patric Mitchell’s video is all you need to see. I wonder what Ben was using at Nationals, just for comparisons as his routine was probably one of the more entertaining ones.

indeed…patrick mitchell is one of the best, in the world.  i told him he was my hero at pnwr.  well one of 'em :slight_smile:


light snow…

Studio if you played your 1080 why don’t you post how it was?

He PMed me telling me he was going to throw em’ yesterday after He gave the Cliff some time.


I finally got to the Cliff around 11PM last night. Spent about 15 minutes with it. Interesting. Gonna spend some more time with it. Might get to the Loop 1080’s tomorrow night.

It looks like I’m going to try to shoot my Aquarius video starting Monday.

Opened the Loop 1080s today AND played them. A blue and a clear one. The blue wasn’t as blue as I was expecting, but that’s OK with me. It’s still blue and that’s all that matters.

What I can say right off was I wasn’t really impressed with them, as I was having a lot of difficulty with them. However, I rarely blame the equipment, and this was no exception. The Loop1080’s want to be played in a more aggressive style, which just isn’t me. I had to crank down the gaps and then they started to play good for me. While the problem was with the equipment, it wasn’t due to bad equipment, it was merely due to the equipment not being set up properly.

Being fair, these are a good improvement over the Loop900’s for multiple reasons. The mechanism is centered this time. There is an indicator to show how much you’re adjusting things. The weight is spot on and once you dial them in to your preferences and lube properly, they are pretty darn good.

How do they compare with the Unleashed, the yoyos I have a preference for? I still prefer my Unleashed better, but that’s still not a fair assessment based on a couple of hours of play. The Loop 1080’s are a very good yoyo.

Would I recommend the Loop 1080 for a complete noob? Maybe. If the new person is willing to educate themselves a bit and understand how looping works and that this has a mechanical adjustable gap AND is willing to deal with some short term frustration due to configuration issues, then sure. If you want a “fixed solution”, get Loop 808’s.

Yeah, I’m pleased with these. I may even consider getting more. However money won’t allow that for now. Maybe in a couple of weeks, if I have the money, I may pick up some more.

Again, I still prefer the Unleased, but I’m more used to them. However, the Loop1080’s should not be ignored or overlooked. If you’re into loopers, they are a pair to have for sure. I really have NOTHING negative to say about them. I’m completely pleased with these yoyos.

As this may be my last YYF purchase for quite some time, I have to say that I’ve been very pleased with my YYF selections and assortment. Notice, even though I am saying this may be my last YYF purchase for a while, I don’t dislike YYF. I’ve got what I want from them and the other offerings aren’t really much of interest to me. As always, I retain the option to change my mind.

Thanks studio, I got one for Christmas and there not my favorite.(of course i am FAIRLY new to looping) but they have the response I want. My bumblebees didn’t have barely any response even after lube. But I’m surely going to get another and a pair of 808’s and maybe a pair of unleashed. Im also new to the “adjustable gap”. I think i
turned to hard once :o.