Cliff has arrived. Don't expect anything for a bit.

Yes, my Cliff has arrived. Just got it today in the mail.

The Loop 1080’s arrived too. Thanks Andre!

Anyhow, I’ve got a deadline of “ASAP” on a video project, and I have a gig for Thursday. It’s doubtful I’m going to have a chance to even open the box for several days. I know, most people would have ripped the box to shreds by now, but no, not me. I am a master of self control I want to, but I can’t. Heck, the Puffin/Gnarwal box stayed sealed for over a week after it arrived, and that was Cyber Monday. I also have another box ALSO received on Cyber Monday from another yoyo retailer, and it has STILL not been opened.

Also, the same goes for the Loop 1080’s. It’s gonna be a bit before I get to them.


Thank you for understanding.

Do feel free to send me PM’s, email if you feel like it, and I know some of you will call or text me. If you call or text, PLEASE do identify yourself with your screen name here, OK? Thanks. I’m lagging behind on call-backs too. I got a call on Saturday that I really want to return, but I’m slammed with this other stuff.

Can you post a link to your youtube account?

Do you like the cliff?
I don’t.

Trade it to me.

I think it’s on my profile too.

There won’t be a Cliff unboxing video.

Let’s see, I haven’t even opened the box yet. How am I gonna know that until I open it in several days?

The odds are I’m gonna like it. A lot. Way too much perhaps.

OK, I still haven’t gotten to it. I let my friend, fellow forum user theroybit open it up after we were done setting up for an event and he got to play it for a bit.

I may have at it tonight, but I’m pretty tired.

So yeah, no unboxing video. I am working on my AL7 video right now.