CLYW Puffin and Gnarwal Homecoming - Unboxing video

My “first” yoyo video.

This is NOT your typical unboxing video.

I might do more of these. It’s kind of fun. I need to get an AC adaptor for my camera so I don’t have to worry about killing batteries!

Enjoy. Comments appreciated.


Sweet :wink:

Very creative, haven’t seen anything like this before.

That’s really creative!


Cute. :slight_smile:

I liked that a lot!

Glad it’s being well received.

I was going to do this more like a photo essay, but when I saw how the photos worked together, II changed my direction and was thinking "this almost looks like ghetto stop motion animation. I thought if I probably took 10 times the shots and controlled the movement more, I could have gotten a decent stop motion animation out of this.

So, good thing I went through the photos real fast.

I just wonder what I could accomplish if I had a better work environment and more time!

You gave joy to my Wednesday night~

I an so jealous of your collection…

No need to be jealous. Anyone near me can try anything I have.

OK, here’s the thing:

I’ve got a One Drop Dingo coming in soon from YYE, and maybe more soon(trying to get a Project and a Y-Factor, but money isn’t really working for me at the moment). I could do a couple of One Drop themed ones. I’m also going to test out this older camera I have since I have an AC adaptor for it. It doesn’t work too good, but maybe it will with power. 1.3mp camera, more than sufficient for these projects, I think. That is assuming I can find the adaptor. I might use my older video camera, which also takes 1.3mp images to a card, but has zoom. Might be the better way to go.

I also have some YYJ stuff coming in, a pair of new in the box Aquarius. Any desire for a YYJ-themed one? I also have a yet to be unboxeds from it’s package Trigger(I already am playing another Trigger).

After that, I got a bunch of stuff that will be landing perhaps after New Years.

I’m up for suggestions on my “ghetto yoyo stop motion” videos.

In the meantime, I’m already going over what to do in the One Drop video. Might be a YYF appearance in there. Might be some other appearances.

I would enjoy watching more of these :slight_smile: Also, where the heck did you find 2 new in box Aquariuseseseses?!?!?! I haven’t even found any that were played and mint!

PM me for that location, or you can wait for my next video. They have MORE. Trust me, I ordered 2, and I saw them with them at Nationals. I was shocked: New, MIB Aquarius. NOS! I might have to do a “combined unboxing” video since I have stuff from more than one location coming my way. I may also be ordering a power supply for my camera so that might also delay the project.

Seeing a copper acid wash GE makes me really miss mine


Fun and creative! This deserves a spot in all time best yoyo videos! :smiley:

Wow great video! Really liked it

Not usually a fan of unboxing videos but that was something fresh and fun =)