How Much Is that Dingo In The Window - 2nd Unboxing Animation


Ordered a Dingo on Black Friday. I finally got around to shooting the frames for the animation. It just takes a while for me to get the time to get these shot.

Anyhow, here it is:

And in case you wanted to see a test video I did, here is the Donkey Show, to test more motion, higher frame rates and a different camera. It’s not an unboxing video, but a yoyo is shown. I was going to do talk balloons, but I decided to just keep it straight.



Although it has more frames, it seems like you were more focused on making it FEEL like the yoyos are actually openning the box in the other one.


In the CLYW one? Yes. But consider that the CLYW one wasn’t intended to be a video. I just went through the photos fast in that one and I was “Hey, this kinda works as an animation”. Is that what you mean, though, that the CLYW one appears better that it appears better as far as the “opening” is concerned?

In this one, we do not have the “walk across the box as if opening it”. But, I actually thought I made a better effort making it appear the yoyos were opening it up.

Hey, I’m all for suggestions. I have a YYJ one I’m going to do tomorrow night, so any suggestions I can try to implement. Or I can delay the whole project so I can figure it out. Or alter it.


Nothing wrong with the first video, but I thought this one was superior. Nice job!


Great video, very creative. I like that you used the family. I can’t imagine the patience needed for stop motion.


No family help on this one. All me. This was shot Sunday starting at around 11:00 at night, and I didn’t wrap until 2:30AM. I had to scrap the initial opening since part of it was out of frame. That’s OK, only like 8 shots.

The YYJ one is gonna be a group effort. 2 of the kids want to help, so yes, I’m gonna let them help. Probably going to take over 2 days to shoot. Most of Saturday, most of Sunday, some of Monday.

I script these out so I have a rough idea of what I’m doing.

I’m also getting extra ideas for other videos, this way I can just do simpler ones as well.

Glad you like this. Always looking to push what I do. These won’t be professional by any stretch, but I can always try to get better.