A humble request to my fans, enemies, e-stalkers and those with ICBM launch keys


It’s the holidays, and a lot of you have questions or otherwise wish to correspond with me via private messages or via my direct email.

That’s fine.

I would like to make one simple request:

Please use a subject. I am getting more and more PM’s via YYE, and I’m fine with that. I want to give each and every single one of you thee response you are requesting from me. If you could use a subject, it helps me keep track of stuff as well as give you a response faster. I’m not asking for much. A few words on the topic are sufficient.

I thank you for this.

In the meantime, my status update:
Not working on new tricks. I want to, but I can’t concentrate. My unboxing video has gotten nearly 200 views. Wow. I must have done something right. I mean, I’m shocked. This whole thing was an accident. I was planning a photo essay, but then it just kinda looked more like animation in quick previews of my crappy photos. Since you’ve responded well to it, I’m planning a second. A Dingo is arriving today, but I won’t be able to open or unbox it until I can get my pre-production work done for the next video. Yes, I actually break the seal during the production of the video, so you see exactly what I see when I see it(so to speak). I’m working on some prop elements to help with motion and give a little more depth to the production. It could take me over a week before this box gets opened up. I also have OTHER stuff on the way as well, so that might further delay stuff as I might as well make a “double feature” out of it. I also have to consider that my Burnside is out on loan, so I may either cancel the whole project or else delay this, which might push this back a month or more my Burnside won’t be returned until it comes back with a bunch of other stuff I’m going to be paying for. I mean, not sense in additional shipping fees! I might just concentrate on the YYJ one instead for the time being, despite the fact I will have more YYJ coming in a few weeks.

I’ve also been asked to do a couple of maintenance videos, so I’m working on getting those done as well. These will be 24fps productions. Live video. Sniffy-yo inspired.

NO, performance videos ain’t gonna happy. If you’re really nice, I might prove that the robot still works.

Bear with me. Be patient. I’m an audio guy, not a videographer or film maker. These ain’t gonna be great.

Other status:
My back is still hurting after my trip to Disneyland. I dislike long trips. All that sitting wears me out. Standing has been a pain, so I can’t throw for extended sessions, maybe 5-10 minutes at a time tops when I get a chance.

Disneyland: Yeah, a favorite destination of mine. Had my DM2 on me the whole time out in plain view on a yoyo holder made elsewhere. Saw the new Carsland in Calfiornia Adventure, but was unable to go on the Radiator Springs Racers due to the gigantic crowds. Next trip! Got on most of the rides I wanted to. Captain Eo isn’t the same, no fog or lasers, but I haven’t seen than since 1989 either. No time to meet with other throwers either. It was "get in, eat, check into hotel, crash, park, park, park(dinner breaks), quick park visit on last day and then drive home. One kid lost her annual pass on the beginning of the last full day, but we got it back after the park closed. Disney customer service, like at YYE, is nothing short of excellent, except they don’t deal with yoyos at the park. Well, they do actually. They were selling ProYo’s, ProFly’s, Imperials and Butterflys, but YYE has MUCH better prices. My stash from the park consisted of a few new pins and new mouse ear hat that works off the World of Color and Mad Tea Party events. It should easily work with future events as I am sure it has either an RF or IR receiver. This is similar to my PAL Mickey from WDW, which has an IR receiver in the nose so it can interact with the environment. It also “rats you out” to the park so they know where you’ve been, both the plush AND the Disney people. Yeah, I’m being low-jacked by a now discontinued $70 plush mouse!

I have another video project based around that PAL Mickey and yoyos.

Remember, use a subject. I will answer all your PM’s. Just help me get to them easier. Thanks!


It’s good to know yye has people like you, that give help when asked.


Thank you. Just thank you. And I can’t wait to see the dingo unboxing I want one. You should make a review on it after.