Packed with Care - Latest Unboxing Animation

Latest unboxing video. Sorry, it’s not for YoYoExpert, it’s for another store.

Out of respect for YoYoExpert, I am NOT posting a link to the video. If you want to see it, you’ll need to visit at least my yoyo video playlist. If I’m allowed to post such direct lnks, please admins, let me know via direct message(email), PM or even in this thread, which I will leave unlocked.

The latest video is “Packed with Care”, featuring my new unboxing assistants, the “Helping Hands”.

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You can skip Donkey Show, but if you want to, or watch it.

I’m not sure what I’m gonna buy next at YYE. Rest assured, something will be purchased soon. I just don’t know what. However, if it’s gonna be CLYW, you can bet I will make another YYE unboxing video.

Anyone who wishes to post the direct link may do so.

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Watch this!!!

Awesome sauce!

bump for an awesome video :slight_smile: