Are there any Cliff Unboxings yet

I was wondering if there are any Cliff unboxings and if there is would you put a link below. Thanks ;D

Sorry, received mine today, and did not do an unboxing :frowning: . But, I have photos for you.

This is the box, it’s in a cool looking sleeve:

This is the box out of the sleeve:

This is one of the stickers (forgot to add this pic earlier):

There was a sticker inside the box, under the yo-yo and packing paper:

This is the yo-yo, the Hulk Smash Fade one:

Boy, that looks nice! And surprise, surprise, it’s has black string on it. Looks great as always.

(You know, I looked for black string when I placed my last order and didn’t find any. Was I failing to just look in the right place?)

No she bought it all!!!

I believe you.

LOL, Banjo and mgiroux77, that might be true, because I ordered string with my last order too haha. I love that black string and will never, ever go back. I take the string off all my new yo-yos that come strung up right out of the box and change them right away. If anyone wants those strings, let me know, and I’ll send them to you. PM me. It would be a shame for it all to go to waste.

That Cliff really is great. I don’t even usually like oversized yo-yos, but that thing is just right for it’s size, perfect weight, plays nice and smooth, stable, great spin on it…just a dream to play. I love it!! No regrets at all paying the price for that one.

Mine will arrive today. Sorry, no unboxing animation. Those take too much time and I still have 2 to do(one box hasn’t even arrived yet)

I will be taking a few photos at least.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll take those strings, buy some Rit dye and dye 'em black. This may be my only option of acquiring black string in this mercantile. Then they’ll probably shrink up in the hot water and I’ll have to give them away to some 11 year old on the forums.

Sorry, I’m derailing the Cliff thread.

No, it just fell off itself.

A cliff. It fell off a cliff.



they sell black Kitty string in bulk, but you wouldn’t be interested in KITTY string at all…

Haha “kitty” I got it. That’s the kind I bought. Get a Cliff on the next run, it’s great! :wink:

Just to throw it out there, there are 39 10 packs of black normal kitty string in stock…if people are really wanting that true Totalartist vibe :wink:

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You guys… ??? really like black string? ??? What is going on in this world? lol

I have quite a few purple/black chaos strings if anyone wants to trade me for some brighter string. I cannot for the life of me see the string very if it’s dark.

Hey thanks sailor! I had overlooked that before. I just ordered some up.