Looking To Get A New Inexpensive Throw....


I want to get a new but inexpensive throw and have come down to 3:
SOmething Addiction
YYR Diffusion
YYO Lava
My play style consists of speed, horizontal, slack, and i guess some tech :stuck_out_tongue:
And as im writing this, i noticed the duncan torque is also pretty cheap so i guess ill add it to the list if its worth the extra $$$


YYR Diffusion all the way! I picked up one up a few days ago and I have thrown nothing since! It’s an amazing throw! Plays better then some throws much more expensive! It lives up to the hype 100 percent! It won’t disappoint!


Ok , 1 vote for diffusion ;D


The only one I’ve owned is the addiction and it plays awesome, but the surface is super grippy and will slow down a lot if it touches your skin


I enjoy my new diffusion as well. Great throw. My budget recommendation generally goes to the Shutter, however. Great throw for the price.


I own both the Lava and Torque, and both are very good budget throws. The Torque offers great playability, but the metal seems really cheap. It’s great for tricks, but I’m not too fond of the material. As for the Lava, I may seem biased because I’m sponsored by YYO, but it’s a great throw. It’s weighted perfectly, it’s rim weight is amazing - great for tech play. It feels like a $80 that’s only half the price. However, you really can’t go wrong with either of those throws.