Looking for yoyo string recommendations


Hey guys, so I’m looking for some yoyo string recommendations, both boutique strings and mass quantity strings. I’m hoping to find something that’s fairly thick, about the same thickness as Kitty thick, but with a tighter tension, and a bit more firm. I really enjoy Blueprint strings, but sadly they are no long produced. If there was something similar, that’d be awesome, thanks!

(Jacob Waugh) #2

My favorite strings are 84String and Slackies, thats all I use. I mostly use Slackies because 84String is hard to get.


How do they feel? Are they softer? More firm?

(Jacob Waugh) #4

Both are kind of firm, I like Slackies because they are precut and are pretty firm, 84String is kind of firm, both of them are poly so they won’t be THAT soft.


Have you tried the YYSL sampler pack? I would start there

There is a similar sampler pack for kitty as well.


Sounds like Buddha.

Venom too but that’s on the softer side


I heard Buddha was a little loose in tension. What do you think?


I miss blue prints. I should have stocked up on them. I would recommend trying heart strings “the white”. Not saying they are similar, but they are what I have found to replace them. If interested, I can send you one to try.


I am all about Monkey Finger Vines Phat. I think string style, like the style of a yoyo is up to a person’s preferences and how a person plays.


^ another great option.

(Justin ) #11

I second MF Vines Phat. A great bulk string.