Looking for wide floaty throw

Just came back to yoyos after a 3 year break. They have been calling my name and i know i need to pick up a throw and get back at it. I love a wide floaty throw. Market seems pretty saturated i dont know where to begin. SPYY was by far my favorite company, i think they have since been discontinued. Any suggestions on where to begin looking would be great. A smaller diameter with some real decent width is also cool (small yet floaty).

I’ve heard that the X3 Seed is really floaty and it’s wide, if you can find one.

C3yoyodesign teleport and CLYW Manatee. The manatee can be purchased here but you’re gonna have to do some looking for the teleport

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T


Manatee all day! ;D

mark mont classic plays floaty and is a big yoyo overall. you can adjust the weight too to yur preference if you have some different side effects. havent tried a manatee but i heard its floaty as well

The MC is definitely really floaty. It’s pretty much my dream throw. All I’ve been using lately.

The C3yoyodesign Teleport is definitely what you are looking for.

I would definitely say the MarkMont Classic is the way to go.

Teleport looks real cool but I would have to sit and look for a trade, when im trying to start back up that will simply take too long! Thanks for the tips guys the manatee seems idea, vs the markmont classic i really like the shape of the manatee.This guy right here thats a tasty look.

Manatee rocks man! I love mine. It feels solid but light at the end of the string. It moves slow or fast… very comfortable in the hand. Mine is the smoothest throw I’ve ever owned (zero vibe). overall a winning design for sure.