Looking for the perfect yoyo

Hihi guys, im looking for a new throw to buy and here are some requirements i have but i cant seem to find a good one.

Around 20~ is my budget for a yoyo
Preferably rubber rimmed (mainy cause i dont want to ding it)
Preferrably small, pocketable (Somewhere the rise of a dv888 or flying squirrel)
unresponsive play and if possible switchable to responsive
Preferred to have c bearing size, but it is not mandatory

Here are some ones i picked out

Shinwoo ZanNavi
Shinwoo Griffin Wing

Duncan Throw Monkey
Duncan Flying Panda
Duncan Hayabusa

YoyoJam Fiesta
YoyoJam Legacy
YoyoJam KickSide

YoyoFactory Popstar
YoyoFactory ONE

most rubber rimmed yoyos u will find are ment for offstring or just are oversized like the zannavi. i think you should look into the one its plastic, durable, comes with c sized spec bearing and half spec bearing for both responses of play, its smaller sized, and only 10 bucksss

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I say the one. It’s one of the smaller throws on your list. Most of those listed are huge. If your budget is 20 bucks. Then you can get 2 ones. Keep one responsive and one unresponsive. And that’ll leave you with a spare bearing for each. good luck

Well, just order the ONE package as the one with the spare bearing, as opposed to the DVD.

I ordered 3 of those recently. 1 for myself, 2 for two of my kids. I ordered 2 with the extra bearing, and one with the DVD. Since my kids are young, the DVD is somewhat helpful. They like the Learning videos that are used here better.

I figure I’m gonna keep the ONE responsive and use my Dark Magic II for unresponsive play. This leaves the extra bearing from mine to go into one of the kids should they ever get to unresponsive play.

out of all the yoyos you suggested the only one i have is the legacy and it is an all around great yoyo for unresponisive play. but ive heard the One is also very good and at only 10 bucks its a pretty good deal

Rubber rimmed yoyo’s are for offstring as also many yoyo’s you listed aren’t quite the best for 1A. All the duncans that you listed aren’t the casual 1A yoyo’s out there.

The Popstar is extremely small, it’s gonna be hard for you to learn and land strings. If you’re struggling to progress, I don’t recommend it.
The YYF One is supposed to play well, it does in tricks, but sometimes you might get the unlucky one, the one with bad vibe. Many people claim their ONE has lots of vibe. But if you get lucky, it plays very well and does every trick. But notice it’s extremley light.

I recommend the Legacy although it’s quite heavy caps on and quite loud caps off.
Kickside would be the way to go.

Save up and make the yoyo you want if you look for perfection

not in your list, but you should get a starlite for your price
it’s basically a slightly lighter protostar that glows in the dark, and they come with c-trac bearing