Looking For Suggestions

Trying to pick between the following:

YYF Super-G
YYF Genesis
One Drop Code-1
YYJ Phenom
SPYY Ronin
SPYY Addiction

ill take suggestions for anything in the price range

I have a Code 1. I like it. I recommend it. Get it. Lock the thread, buy it, done. No need to discuss it any further.

I’m just trying to save you some time.

But on a more serious note, you’ve got a wide range of variety there. You might want to just restrict it to those models to prevent “Data overload”.

I’m planning to get a Phenom fairly soon too, mostly based on my satisfaction with the Speeder 2. I really like how those signature models perform.

What are you throwing now? What do you have? What do you like or dislike about what you have? Do you have any preferences?