Looking for suggestions on a new yoyo


I am new to yoyos and only have a shutter, I’m looking to buy a new one by am not sure what to get, have been looking at the edge, but it’s out of my price range. Anything below $70 works.


I really want the c3 gamma crash. It looks pretty sweet and I’ve heard good things about it. Haven’t tried it yet tho.




There are so many “looking for a new yoyo” posts here, I would suggest looking in this section of the forum. Alternately, could you give some other criteria on what you are looking for, ie plastic, bimetal, brand.
Good hunting!:slight_smile:


Excellent deal right here…try this: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/collections/rebellion/products/rebellion-lilliputian-yoyo?variant=18874771652


I like the Recess Diplomat. It is light and spins for a long time.


Anything c3 I recommend


I hate bombing other people’s threads like this but I figured it’s less annoying than starting more recommendation threads. But anyways… any opinions on the gamma crash? Probably gonna end up buying one but just wanted to hear some opinions on it first.


Brendan vu likes it. It looks like a plastic draupnir.


Ok cool. That has to be a good thing. Thanks


I would recommend one of the side effect one drops that are priced at $70


Horizon would be my main one under that price point. There are so many good yoyos under that price point. I would aim to save up just a bit more an end up getting 2 different yoyos, perhaps a too hot as well. At this stage you just need to get your hands on any yoyos you can :slight_smile:


The One Drop Benchmark W is really nice.