Looking for strings with out rubber bands

New to yoyoing, and looking at string options…my problem is I’m trying to find the brands that don’t use rubber bands. I know it sounds crazy, but I have a latex allergy. So far I’ve found Buddah and newer lots of YYF string. Aside form emailing all the different makers, I figured I would ask here if anyone has noticed other brands that don’t use rubber bands. I know Kitty uses them in there bulk 100 packs.

I’m pretty happy with Buddha, I just want to have back up options as well

Coming from the side of not knowing any better, but all the string I’ve bought comes tied with string. I usually only buy in bulk - 100 count. On the other hand, why don’t you have someone else unpack it for you if it comes with a rubber band? Or does the fact that it touched rubber at one point in its life make it an issue? As I said, coming from not knowing, not trying to start an issue.

Thanks for the reply, I know not starting issues ;D I feel kinda odd even posting about it, but figured can’t hurt to ask. And maybe manufactures don’t even know of this problem till someone talks about it.

With latex allergies, just the fact they had rubber bands on them can pose a problem, unless of course I could have that same someone wash the strings. But I’m guessing getting strings wet is probably not a good idea.

So far my biggest problem has been manufacture included string, IE: Magic there string (which I wouldn’t use anyway) has rubber bands. Yoyofactory older yoyos have them, but not there newer models.

Yoyo String lab Ammo and Venom come in plastic test tubes (10 strings/tube). Their Type X bulk has the string bundle tied together with string.

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You could get cloud strings. They are expensive but last a long time.

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Yea that might be one option when I’m a bit better… right now being a novice I’m afraid it would be a waste of good string ;D It’s amazing yet sad what I can do to a string in a short amount of time.

How’s Type X compared to normal kitty, about the same thickness? I like the color combinations they have, bit pricey but down the road could be something to pick up and try out.

If you want some less expensive string our Contest String is a good choice. Don’t get the 25 packs (we bundle them with rubber bands) but we don’t use rubber bands on the 5 packs or 100 counts.

Yeah, type x is pretty close to normal kitty in thickness. It’s a little softer feeling, but plays similar.


They are very similar in thickness, I find the the Type X is softer out of the box and lasts me a bit longer. The YYE contest string is pretty nice, as is their Core string, but, I don’t remember how Core is packaged.

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We recently changed our packaging on the Ammo. The tube is plastic, but the top is a rubbery stopper thingy with a cross hairs design that matches the Ammo logo. YYE does carry the 50 packs of Ammo in a plastic pillow box, so no rubber with that option.

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Thanks for letting me know, not all rubber is latex based thankfully, there’s a lot of synthetic rubbers now (silicone, tpu, thermal plastics, etc… ) But also lots of latex out there as well.

I’ll probably try to pick up the 50 pack down the road from YYE just to be safe.