looking for some shoulder/elbow tricks, any advice?

like to add some flair to the bag of tricks

Sometimes I feel like I get ignored on this forum…

Fine. Here’s the thing. People might not reply because they don’t know. And for people who do know might not even look at this part of the forum.

Anyways, these tricks are found your self. No tutorials whatsoever. I made elbow eli hops. And under the leg eli-hops. You see you make them up.

that brings up another point, 80% of the time when i get a response, its saturated with disdain. which is one of the reasons i dont post on here that often. some people have been very helpful, very nice and polite. but the community here as a whole seems cold and unwelcoming.

Aaah. I know how you feel. Because I’ve been through it too. In fact, I’ve been through the cold and unwelocming feeling around 5 times. This community is full of red blooded people (except for haters). But, there are haters so watch out.

We are all normal and nice, (except for haters) but somtimes we don’t reply doesn’t mean that we are unwelcoming to you (except for haters). And also if you say somthing wrong, others may correct you but even though it might sound harsh, in your heart, you can tell, we’re not intentionally harsh (except for haters).

Yes, I exaggerated the fact of haters because I do find them “over the line”.

i dont know, i try to give advice too but sometimes get burned doing that, maybe im being cry baby, but its like i feel like the forum does me no good. maybe i ask obvious questions but sometimes the answers i find i dont feel like its enough or id like to see what other people think. just gettin frustrated is all. im hitting a wall with my throwing, my routine is boring, im getting bored with my tricks, ttrying to spice it up and failing. just a hump i need to get past i guess.

The people you are talking about are probably the rulers of this forum. Not naming them, but yes, they still go correct people in a way that would not be suitable in front of an elementary school principal.
If you got any things in your way, just let go. If you see the oldest threads I’ve posted in, yes, they are harsh but don’t get affected. It’s all good.