looking for cool new tricks!


Hey guys I know i yet again have not been on in a while but getting to the topic.
I’m definitely getting back in and i made some new tricks but i need some more tricks to expand my knowledge so i would love it if you could post some tutorials or something

(SlimJoe) #2

You should probably learn some skilled tricks. Things like slacks and gyros are some. Try learning Tether Or Desending eli hops.

Good luck, eli hops is a PITA

(Hardcore_Max) #3

have a read of this and give it a go, its very imperessive

(Mark) #4

Go on the Yoyoexperttutorials on youtube. They have a large sum of tutorials available. :slight_smile:

(M²) #5

So far i’ve made a bunch of new tricks. I post turtorials as soon as i can get my hands on a camera.


soiled panties, pretty cool but really long and hard