New tricks?

So I’m looking for something new to work on…any ideas? I’ve pretty much messed around with every trick on yoyoexpert…though I haven’t necessarily perfected them all, and I know I probably should work on that, I have worked on all of them to some extent…I’ve got things like And Wut down pat and pretty much all of the expert…still mastering some and working on some of the Master…but just wanting something new…any places or tricks anyone knows about?

Thanks :slight_smile:

try taking really simple tricks and preform them in a different way…

eli hops
sideways eli hops…
crossed arm eli hops
behind the back eli hops

check out rethink yoyo.
they have quite a few tutorials on some unique (and a lot of times pretty difficult) tricks.

Watch some videos from 06 and before.

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