Looking for some advice

I want to apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section but I feel it should work so well see.

Anyway I got ahold of a Duncan freehand this weekend and that’s what I’ve thrown all weekend. Been working on a couple starter tricks and its working well but for some reason I can’t land a trapeze for the life of me!!! It’s really frustrating to say the least and I’ve watched countless videos and just cant seem to get it on the string it will land just shy on either side of my free finger. Basically I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or pointers on how I could be a little more successful with this. Thanks!

Okay what works best I find is scissoring the string between my pointer and middles (Non-throw Hand. Not tight.) and rocking back and forth a bit then swinging it on the string but close to my (non-throw hand’s.) pointer finger.

Hope that helps. Just keep it up it took me forever… lol :smiley:

Thanks for that ill definitely fix that into my practice tomorrow I’ve given up for the evening I landed a couple but they were pretty sloppy lol I kind of like not being able to get it so easily it makes me want to land it so I can continue doing new tricks that much more!

It really just takes alot of practice. What Trace said was a great piece of advice. Trapeze was actually really easy for me but when I got to double or nothing then I had huge problems, just took practice.

Yeah ill just have to keep working at it I guess!! Work more on my throw so I can land them straight! I wish trapeze was really easy for me :wink:

You could also practice standing in front of a wall or facing your bed. This will help program your brain to throw parallel.

That’s not a bad idea either!! I been throwing like all day and have gotten the breakaway throw straightened out and have even landed it a few times today!! Hopefully ill have it in the next few days!

For me when i first started. i threw my breakaway in a slow motion and in a very big rounded circle. that gave me enough time to focus where my finger needed to be when the yoyo comes around to do the trapeze.

you’ll get it eventually.

That’s what I’ve been doing all day its pretty slow motion but I’ve been landing them quite a bit!

So I’m basically landing it much more than usual now I wanted to say thanks for the advice guys and ill just keep practicing!

Now rather than starting a new thread I figured I would just go ahead and asking it here since it has to do with my freehand anyway. I’ve played with it for about 5 days now for quite some time and one of the response pads is dead smooth and the opposite one is starting to wear, just not quite as bad. It has also become very unresponsive which is not what I want right now since I’m still practicing my binds and what not. My question is this, if I replace the stock pads with the Duncan silicon ones will that bring it back to life?? And judging by the shop section on this site the pads are 12mm so I just wanted to be reassured that was the size I would need?

It will but you may or may not need to bind. You should also be able to bring your yoyo up with a bind I believe.

Practice this it’s a fundamental trick when it comes to 1a or sting tricks.

I found that the closer you put your pointer finger to the yoyo the easier it is to land consistently. Try intercepting the string say two inches from the Yoyo. Get that solid then start working further and further away. Hope this helps!