Looking for solid jensen kimmit style yoyo

Hello my people o///
So I’ve got into yo-yoing 2 months back and it has helped me go through some really dark stuff and all blablabla i dont need to get into details…so I first bought a dv888 (personally its an ok yoyo) then i got a second hand horizon (from my pal parvar singh) and it was pretty amazing… so recently im realizing that my yoyo style is very similar to Jensens Kimmit style, i mean im not even an intermediate but yet…like i love playing really REALLY slow and with really solid feeling yo-yos and i hate floaty yo-yos… so my budget is around 50$ what i was wanting is to get a nice yoyo for 50$ or get like 2 budget yo-yos
which are pretty good…
my current thoughts :
replay seems fun
Premiere by something seems fun too :smiley:
Speedaholic seems fun
too hot
Addiction by something (SO BEATIFULL)
MY FAVORITE Rally by one drop (but i can’t find it anywhere with out the shipping being like 40$ i live in india so yeah)
so yeah pls keep in mind what i said i love players like harold and jensen like really chill and reaxed plays and hate stuff like hyroyuki and most japanese players presently…
so pls im 100% open to suggestions but i want really slow playing capable yo-yos…

Have fun peace o/

You still not given me the trade feedback count here. And there are some store that give less shipping to India. And get a Yoyofactory 2hot or something premier.


Just because a fast player uses the yoyo doesn’t mean it won’t fit your style of slow. From the sounds of it though you would want a heavier throw and maybe an H shape. Definitely think the replay would be your best choice since it’s on the heavier side which would help with the stability. Maybe look into the Rebellion Acro since it should be pretty stable even though I haven’t played it personally. Other than that just go for what looks best for you.

that’s cute, it could reach $50 here from YYE (I’m from Indonesia)
PM me, I have some yo stores with low shipping cost :slight_smile:

Get a diffusion 2 (the new one that is translucent)

Or yeti or one of the rebellion series by yyr

Ppl frist of all im solo sry for the late response…
anyways I’ve cutter down my list as follows :
north star
too hot
or musket
so if anyone could tell me comparisons about them i would be SO HAPPY AND GRATEFULL
thank you ppl
all the best
keep up the good stuff

From the ones you’ve listed 2hot is the best.

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Replay Pro