Looking for slow and floaty


I’m an old man who just plays to relax… Looking for stuff that’s new … I like em oversized slow and floaty…under a franklin would be sweet…


You’ve pretty much described the CLYW Cliff and maybe the 86400 from werrd


CLYW Cliff ($155~ish) and Yoyofficer Jaeger ($50) come to mind


Maybe a horizon $45


You want an OD T1 without a doubt


Jaeger matches that description. Haven’t tried a T1.

H5xChief is the ultimate in that category (err… out of the yoyos I’ve tried. :wink: ) but unless you go used, it’s over a hundred bollars.


Also gonna toss out the Slusny Nest

(Yiyang Wang) #8

The original H.O.T from yoyofactory. Slow, precise and big.


The SPYY Orbitron 5000 is pretty darn floaty to me. Has a nice organic shape that feels great in the hand, big-ish diameter, and it’s wide as well. I enjoy using mine when I want to relax.