Looking for a floaty yoyo that’s stable and can hand grind, price range $150.

It sounds like the Cliff is perfect for you. Floatiest yoyo I’ve ever played, great at grinds, and extremely stable.

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Cliff, hot, czm84vk, and the crown

Out of those I would recomend the crown for performance it plays fast, and is extremely light and floaty, stable while sideways, also has a good thump grind lip, matador surface, and a smoth finish for grinds
It’s a all around high quality yoyo 7075 kkbearing

I’ve tied 100s of yoyos and that’s my favorite

Hot is a close second but lacks speed

Cliff is great but more of just a fun yoyo and over priced

Czm8v4k is great for the price

If have any questioins about these yoyos feel free to ask mee

If you don’t spending a lot less, I’m finding the RecRev OG Octage to be all that, but it will also move as fast as you can push it. What surprised me is how much it will act “floaty” if you want it to.

I think they run around $70. Unfortunately, YYE doesn’t carry them.

Another option would be the One Drop Cascade. The Code 1 and Code 2 aren’t particularly floaty, but the Code 2 seems to catch air a bit better and can move slower if you want to. All three will move fast if you want them to. The Cascade is weighted differently so I have a bit of trouble with it sometimes. That just means I need to step up my game.

Both the Puffin and Cliff would fit your needs as well.

Yoyomonster checkmate

I’m going to have to agree here. Take a cascade and throw some ultralight side effects on it and it plays like a dream.