Floaty/ smooth yoyos

Hey all together!
As the topic says, i’m looking for yoyos for a floaty and smooth playstyle. I’m not a highspeedplayer, like some others who throw their yoyos arround like they are on adrenaline. I have to say that this style is spectacular to watch, with all these highspeedcombos, but when i play for myself, i prefere the “slow way”. :slight_smile:

So what would your recommendations be?

To make it a little easyer:
I really like my OD T1 and i throw it nearly every day. It has a lot of spin time, no vibe an plays really smooth. It also has a really good size.

At the moment i have shortlisted the OD downbeat, yyf horizon, 44rpm blues, king yo star pax.

If anyone of you have to say something about these throws, please tell me.
If you have other recommendations, feel free to write them in the answers!

Thank you in advance!

Greetings Mat

I personally find the Bonfire very floaty and smooth! It feels like magic…

I think you’ll like it :slight_smile:

Thank you, but this one breaks the budget which is limited and I would like to add two new throws to my collection. :frowning:

I think the hidra is pretty floaty, very nice laid back feel. Very well made too, mines extremely smooth and has taken a couple good hits.

I have both the Horizon and 44rpm Blues. They are both larger, slower players. The Horizon is more stable but the Blues has a nice quirkiness to it – and it’s very large. Regens are better with the Blues but spins and grinds are better with the Horizon. Hope this helps.

Clyw summit if you can find one or orca is pretty smooth and got a heavy feeling. Both awsome yoyos

Budget might disqualify this, but an OD Cascade with ultra-light side effects is the right combination of floatiness and performance.

I would mention that you’re not going to find the Downbeat floaty at all, however. So if that’s what you’re after I would probably take that one off the list.

That 44rpm Blues looks great, but I have never played one.

Does anyone actually feel like the massive YYF Horizon is floaty? Feels clunky and solid to me.

I know floaty is a misinterpreted term though.

I honestly never use the term floaty because I don’t feel I personally completely understand it and I feel like a lot of people don’t use it correctly… Just my opinion…

I got the HiDRA recently and I choose it over my Elysian, Vanguard (which has no problems), and Shu-Ta. I only do so because it is light and floaty and it plays at a relaxed pace, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t speed it up every now and then, which I have done. To me, the ONLY problems are its stability and sometimes spin times. The stability sometimes makes it tilt easily or go off plane and the spin time sometimes makes you see a variation of that awesome colorway while it’s spinning and you can see why that it’s spinning slower. However, you can still bind it back easily and the such when it’s spinning slowly. All in all, I say get that.

Or the Manatee.

Nope, not at all. I find the Horizon more stable and solid.

I’ve been looking REALLY hard at the HiDrA as my first metal. Seems like everything I’m looking for.

I want to thank everyone for their answers an recommendations!

The Blues will be one of my next purchases, and there is room for 1 or 2 more and at the moment i tend to the yyf horizon.

I want to explain what smooth/floaty means to me:

The OD T1 (for me) is a a good example.
It’s big, has a good amount of wight and i can make the tricks in a smooth an slow kind of way. Also the spintime and stability is great. Maybe this helps a little. So i’m looking for something big with a good amount of weight… i guess… :smiley: That’s also why i thought the OD downbeat would be something for me, based on the review from highspeedyoyo.

The manatee looks great, especially the shape of it, but at the moment it is sold out.

If your budget increases, get a krown st.
It’s floaty and swift, and lighter than most other throws in hand.