Looking for several beginner yo-yos for 1-A/2-A/4-A/5-A

So I’m new to yo-yoing. I have tried to do 1-A (With a Speed Maker), 2-A (with a Speed Beetle), and 5-A (With a Speed Maker).

I’m trying to find my “thing” with yo-yoing.

I know how to bind. I know the basic to starter intermediate tricks for 1-A. I know the basics for 2-A and 5-A. I know nothing about 4-A.

I have recently decided that my Speed Maker is a bit too advanced for me at the moment (I find myself winding it up and getting snags and tangles more often than not)

I was just wondering about any Yo-Yos suggestions you guys have that fit my current level with these divisions. Thanks ahead of time.


Any 1A works great for 5A, but some people seem to want a more open catch zone and more weight at the rims for longer spin and stability for 5A. I can’t make recommendations. The YYJ Destiny is marketed as specifically for 5A, but that’s because it comes with a licensed counterweight. Just get a counterweight and your’egood for 5A.

For 2A, I like the YYJ Unleashed. The YYF Loop 900 is also a favorite, but I got the Unleashed.

For 4A, I recommend either the YYJ Big Yo or Fiesta. The Fiesta is an off-string yoyo, while the Big Yo is definitely off-string friendly. The price is the same.

I’m buying outside/beyond my level right now so I have stuff on hand when I’m ready for it. I’m not ready for 3A, but I have a pair of yoyos ready for me. I’m not ready for off-string, but I have a Big Yo, a Fiesta and a used Aquarius. I’m not ready for 2A, but I’ve got a pair of Unleashed. I’m also picking up a second Duncan Pulse(I already have one) so I can do some “dark” stuff in a few months. Just need to do some inside/outside loops and some other basic 2A stuff like that.

It’s not my personal favorite, but the Speed Maker should be a great beginner’s yoyo. Do you mean it snags after you’ve thrown it once? I’m a big believer in figuring out the problem before throwing money at it, so humor me for a minute. Take your Speed Maker and unscrew the halves apart by about half a turn. (Hold one half, and turn the other half 180 degrees CCW) What you just did is open up the gap by about .015" (I know, it doesn’t sound like much). See if it still snags when you bind it.
As far as tangles, do you mean it tangles when you try to wind it up? That usually means the string is wound too tight. Every time you throw it (assuming you’re right handed) it gets half a turn tighter. Every time you have to wind it up by hand, it gets many turns tighter. While there are tricks to unwind it, the easiest way is to just let the yoyo hang dead from the string for a minute, until it stops twisting around.
I made a bunch of assumptions here, so let me know if I’m trying to solve the wrong problems. ;D

Great! Thanks for the choices!

I did what you said and it works! A little thought though, the yo-yo itself seems a little loose when I do that.