Looking for Looping Yoyo Recommendations

I am interested in learning a bit of looping style. Any recommendations for a good yoyo to begin learning said style? Many thanks in advance.

The advice for learning is pretty much the same for any levels when it comes to looping. The big question is one or two. The choices are the same.

Unleashed, Loop900, Raider and Raider EX are your go-to choices. I’ve got a paid of Unleashed and I like them. I have a pair of Raider EX’s heading my way soon. I wouldn’t mind getting a pair of Loop 900s, but for now, what I have is sufficient.

I really recommend against the Yomega Fireball. I have one, it ain’t great but it’s OK. But, the others I mentioned are a lot better. All the other ones I mentioned are routinely used in competitions. At the same time, I hear good things about the Sunset Trajectories, which you’ll need to get used off of BST or some other marketplace.

There are other choices. One of my kids has a Shinwoo Loop, which isn’t too bad. Duncan also makes a lot of straight-gap yo-yos at a wide variety of price points, including no-package Bumblebees. Just go with something with a ball bearing so you can stick with modern designs. It just depends if you’re already thinking “starter/ugprade” or “dive in headfirst”.

If you get a pair of Unleashed, get the ones with plastic inner caps for more weight and steady looping, paper caps for lightweight and faster. I reccomend plastic caps for beginning. . .

Hope this helps you!

How can you tell the difference? What are they selling now?

This is a paper cap one- The Translucent Neon Orange, the plastic caps- Lime Green


If your just starting in looping the unleashed are a great choice.

Ah, I see the difference. I have a paper cap blue and paper cap red then. Thanks for the clarification. I got them I think back in September or something like that.

Hmm, do I buy a second pair… no. I think i’ll live with these for now. I do like how they look. No reason for me to upgrade at this point since as Fellavader is suggesting, I’m personally just starting out with looping so there’s no need to get anything better.

haha, same- red and blue paper

Try the divan speed beetle it is really smooth