Looking for hardest trick tutorials possible


post the hardest trick tutorials or names of tricks you can think of in this post, thanks


Horizontal ladder escape is HARD.


Yukki slack is kinda hard… not really but w/e

(Alex Fairhurst) #4



making a upside down greentriangle and do a suicide with it


I just can’t do that trick.


tricks like soiled panties and vector are what i would consider hard, things like that. maybe more technical stuff too


I don’t even know if this is posible but… Horizontal Green Triangle. dun…dun…dunnnnn


possible very difficult and not efficient to pop out but possible non the less


and horizontal ladder escape… nice one


Same. It really get’s to me that I learned Ladder Escape in two days (one to memorize steps, second to hit the strings) but After years, I never learned Seasick.

It makes me seasick


Plan D? Neo Akira?


Plan D is easy.


Look on YouTube lots of stuff to learn.


im looking for the hardest stuff YOU know of, not just what i can find on youtube. greater knowledge base = more tricks

perfect thanks


Your welcome, good luck with Neo-Akira!

Also, check out Airport, Exile, pretty much all Raytsh tutorials.


Yeah I really enjoy raytsh stuff as well, not quite the style I like (besides neo akira), but his tricks are well though out imo.


All the elihops variations. Including the one where you jump over it!

(Owen) #19

Horizontal GT is really easy…

A hard trick is an upside down double GT… Good luck figuring that out. As far as im concerned im the only one I know of whos ever done it.


Now I must see this upside down double GT.