Hardest Tricks?

What are some of the hardest and longest string trick that you every encountered?? ???

Endure was a hard trick for me

God, Boingy Boing. I HATE that trick’s level of difficulty xD

Actually it took me a solid week or two of practicing that trick to consistently be able to hit it. Longer than it took me to hit Plan D.


Soooo, yeah.

Also, Ladder Escape took me ages. And as of the moment I’m working on IBM which is quite long.


Breakaway :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously tho, superman is hard!!!

win. . .

Whats hard for me were absolutely; seasick.
i hate that one.

anyway, boingy boingy is kinda hard for me also, but got ladder escape down before that.
i even got it down before eli hoop.

Ugh soiled panties is still giving me trouble i hate that trick with a passion.

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I still haven’t learned Ladder Escape. As for Eli Hops, I can get it at a decent consistency.

The other trick that took me a while were Suicides, because that was the 3rd trick I tried to learn xD xD

:frowning: >:( >:( so hard

and no, I cannot do this :stuck_out_tongue:

Jensen Kimmitt’s trick from the “Ghost” video…

Happy Throwing! =]

Oh please…
That trick is ridiculous. You have to describe it right :wink:

Boing-E-Boing wasn’t that hard for me I skipped it for a while then came back and could just do it… Any ways for me it’s Seasick… still haven’t got it. >:(

Dude Same.
Boingy-Boing was so hard for me, but then I just forgot about it for a while, tried it one day and I could do it. And Sea Sick… that trick is too difficult. Thats one of the few tricks I can never get. :wink:

Same w/ Boingy-Boing. I mean, I’m still working on it, but I’ve pretty much got it :slight_smile: Just left it alone for 7 months xD

As for seasick, I haven’t tried learning it.

My Diafreytzle trick is too hard. I still can’t master it perfectly.

Flytraps and no handed moebius tricks. specifically the tricks: Alter ego, Gravity break, Air whip, complexio.

Makes 5a release tricks look like child’s play.