Do you ever struggle on a easy trick not on your level

ive been learning advanced tricks lately ( i know like 5) but for some reason i sill struggle with a double or nothing, i can land it on the string but just not in a full motion i have to stop on the last time it goes around your finger but sometimes i get it. Is there any tricks that you struggle with that are not on your level or “simple tricks”

it took me like for eeeeever to learn eifel tower and beleive me im better than that

Split the Atom. I’m just not good at it… :’(

jamaican flag (just never took time to learn it) and drop in the bucket.


I still can’t do Boingy

Me either. I get really excited when I get like 5 or more good consecutive “boings,” then usually can’t do it again.

Yea boing e boing is one of the hardest tricks to master, I havent mastered/learned it yet.

Full length Eli Hops and the Suicide. André said it himself (paraphrasing used): Eli Hops are one of the most used tricks today and yet it has a high miss chance. Suicides are one of the most impressive but really hard to catch for most pros. Trust me, these tricks are easier said than done.

if you are struggling with a trick, then it is on your level (or perhaps, just beyond it).

oh my gosh, i knew suicide before i knew eifel tower. :smiley:

I struggle all the time. It might be because I’m not hurriedly trying to learn everything too quickly.

yes, me to
and suicide, spirit bomb, superman, much more.
heck i can do ladder escape before i can do eli hoop.
i think i just too lazy to put much effort to it and go my own way.

is that bad?

Spirit Bomb ;D Dang its hard open up that second pop!

boingy is the biggest one for me. I’m also HORRIBLE at slacks, but not as much as boingy. :frowning:

Boingy-e-boing and some that you guys’re talking about are hard to practice and all… but, double or nothing is one of the key tricks that you should learn before going to the more difficult ones.

If you can’t do that one in particular, you won’t be able to do triple-or-nothing, black hops, matrix and so on, so on…

When the pros and the more experienced ones say that we all should start with responsive yoyos, and stick to the basics, and learn them well (like break-away, trapeze, strong throw, etc.), the good way is to take this advice to your practices because it means a lot to have a firm basics so when you get to more difficult tricks look smother and professional.

Just my 2cents :slight_smile: .

Use a responsive yoyo for the first 2 or 3 levels and in any trick that is achievable with a responsive yoyo, you’re going to be a much better player. :wink:

no i can do it like 60% of the time. I just meant that im not thta fluent at it. Sometimes i am

Leg wrap trap is hard! Why isn’t it master?

This is what im learing im so frustrated cause i had tha last whip down but 2day i just cant do it

drop in the bucket