Do you hate it when....

You’re unable to land a trick, so you move on to something a bit harder and land it the first time? I cannot land kwijibo for the life of me but was just able to land suicide 3 times consecutively. On one hand, I’m happy that I can do suicide but irritated that I still can’t land kwijibo. Does this ever happen to anyone else?

Yep. I can do ladder escape, white buddha, and other “Master” tricks, yet I cannot do a boing e boing, after hours of practice and attempts.


I can do all of the tricks on the list except for creeper =[ it wont come back!!! lols

I still can’t get boing-e-boing. I’ve advanced so much, and it’s been over a year now, but I still can’t get boing-e-boing. lol, I’m not in any rush to learn it at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t you hate when…you think you figured out something cool, but you forget what you did to get there. >.<

I get boingy-boing, but I still can’t maintain it very long.

I STILL can’t do boing e boing either…

boing e boings are thing that click at a certim time like revolutions

Sadly… I can do every trick up to masters on the Learn section, except Atomic Bomb… I can’t get the timing for the “illusionary effect” as I call it. Know the steps, just not the timing I’m sure. lol

As contradictory as this may seem I can do seasick but not boingy

i can kill suides,and a number of slack/whip tricks, but i cannot get boing e boing right!

I can do boing (a bit) I cannot do pop the clutch! HA!

it seems like nobody can do boing e boing. its sooooooo easy.

I couldn’t do stop and go, so I moved on… I am in the advanced sections now and still can’t get stop and go down! AAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!1111

I can do a wrist mount but im still on the beginning of advanced pt 2

out of my 3 yoyo freinds i am the only one who can do boing boing.

anyways i can do white buddha and and what and suicides and all kinds of whips but i cannot do magic drop no matter how much i try.

are boing boing and magic drop like 2 of the easiest tricks technically but some of the hardest to land them… thats what i think imo

I can do triple hidemasa hook, but I STILL can’t do Iron Whip or Jade whip. :’(

i can do boing e boing sometimes for like 5 times back and forth.
As for kwijibo, when i learned it, i had trouble, but then i realized its a 1 and a half mount backwards meaning you do a one and a half mount, then cross your hands. Then you can practice poping it up, crossing your hands, then landing it.

I can do a ninja vanish, brent stole, and what, hidemassa, yet no iron whip!@#$%^&()_+

and forget boing e boing