which trick has given you the hardest time?

for me its definetely boing e boing. i had a hard time learning it. i was doing fine, even did over under boing e boing and takeshi boing (well only pulled it off 2 times). then all of a sudden my mustles just stiffened up and i couldnt do the up and down motion. i even put a thred asking for advice! after a while i could do it again. then my arm stiffened up and i couldnt AGAIN! i even had an argumnt with my parents because i was screaming in frustration! maybe i i just rest my arm for a few days. Anyways back on topic! what trick gives/gave you the hardest time?

Magic drop 1 year

Boingy Boing is the weirdest trick for me. There are times when I can do it easily. I’ve practiced it enough to have figured out every little trick to getting it right and exactly how it should feel…but it doesn’t matter. Sometimes I just cannot get it to happen right.

Some tricks I just outright can’t even come close to doing but that one is the only trick that is hard for me even after I think I’ve mastered it.

can you do magic drop?

Boing-e-boing is my ultimate frustration. I’m constantly attempting it with little success.

I’ve had the motion correct a few times but mostly it’s just a mess.

Looping is almost as bad but I can actually notice some gradual improvement with lots of practice.

You mean me?

If so, it came somewhat easy to me. But, that might be because I focus almost entirely on this sort of trapeze and rewind-based trick. I can’t do anything from a ladder mount or anything technical like that at all.

The two that come to mind were Atomic Boing Boing (Original name of the so called “boingy boingy”), and seasick (correct version, not the one most people do)

Both took quite some time to figure out and master.

Magic Drop and Seasick.
Jayyo, what is the difference between the correct Seasick, and the one most people do?

The last pop in spirit bomb. Cant get it through that last triangle for some reason.

So far Harold Owens bind

Boingy just came to me. I can’t do seasick but I never really try.

Soiled panties took me like 2 days to learn which was very frustrating. And my newest combo is taking quite a bit of time to smooth out.

Boingy took about 2 years and getting seasick to look good took about 11.

Takashi boing. I still dont have it quite right and it the only one out of all the tutorials im still trying to get smooth.

The most frustration I’ve ever had with yoyoing has come from learning 2 handed looping.

For me, the UFO just doesn’t work. As far as progression, I can do most of the YYE tricks up to McBrides Roller Coaster, but just can’t get the darned UFO right.

so far… boing e boing… sometimes i get it perfect and smooth and i look like a boss. and then i try to show someone else and i don’t even come close…

Boing e boing. I get the motion right but my yoyo just doesn’t boing.

Probably those Momo finger spins.

For me it was Boing-e-boing, UFO, and anything offstring takes a lot of practice for me. UFO was hard for me to get it back to my hand, but I learned that if you grab the string near the yoyo, bring the yoyo up to throw hand level, and release, it winded itself up and came back. I hope that helps for the person who can’t get UFO, just keep practicing.

Most people do the up and down seasick that many tutorials teach. But the actual seasick creates more of a upward “C” shape almost like a shoot the moon. As far as I know, only a limited number of people can actually do the correct version. Its a very awkward motion to grasp at first.