looking for fast competitive yo yo

Hey i was looking for advice on getting a new yoyo. I own a shutter, T1, dogma, Too hot, musket, Hatchet 2, and a couple plastics. I want something that is a kinda quick and nimble. I’ve been working on some different speed combos and want to see how fast I can do them. My price range is up to about $80. Also if there is fast or cool looking tricks that i should learn that would be great! the hardest trick I can do is yuki slack. Thanks!!!

In that price range, i would hunt for a Sengoku Kenshin on the bst.

Get a bgrade at their website for $50

Yeah I just picked up a kenshin. it is ridiculously fast. It’s a great yoyo.

I don’t know if you’re still looking for a yoyo, but the c3 railgun is VERY fast, and a superb player.

thanks for the advice. I’ve narrowed it down to a B grade Keshin. Or the rail gun. the only thing i’m stuck on is the performance of the B grade. A weird paint job or a crappy bearing doesn’t faze me in the least. It just says that it might have a slight vibe. I am not really planning on grinding or fingerspinning with it or anything. Will you be able to notice the vibe when playing with it or is it just a slight visual thing if you look really closely. oh, and thanks a bunch for advice.

Duncan Windrunner and C3 Krown 2017 are good choices to check out too.

As for b-grade vibe - You probably wont even notice unless you’re picky about that sort of thing.

I know you said you had narrowed it down already but if you haven’t actually made a purchase yet a one drop gradient might be right up your alley. It’s super zippy and light, has side effects, and is awesome one drop quality. Plus, if I’m not mistaken the price is right around 80$. I definitely recommend both the gradient and the kenshin.