What fast yoyo should I get?


Hi, I have a Yoyo Factory Shutter, but now I’m looking for something for a yoyo that can go fast but still stable. I’m kind of looking at a One Drop Gradient. What do you guys think? Thanks!


I’ve never actually used a Gradient, but I hear it’s good (I don’t know about fast). I would recommend a YoYoFactory TooHot or Duncan Torque because they are lightweight and fast and only cost about $50.

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If you can find a General-Yo Amplitude, then get one of those.


I’m with Zorro and Someone, The Torque is fast, well balanced and is my favorite.


You should look in to the C3 railgun
It is stable, long spinning and blazing fast
A Nice grinding finish
And pretty cheap


Hey man! for a yoyo that is fast and crazy stable i would definitly say to look into getting a bi metal…They are amazing with stability and spin times while being light and nimble. But they can be a little pricey. I personally have a sturm panzer Schneider MKII which i got used and i LOVE it.(my fav yoyo) I would try to get a good used bi metal or the new yoyo officer shift (if you are looking for a good price!). If not i would definitely recommend Sturm Panzer they make stuff that is truly one of a kind


Thx Zeridon!! I got a Yoyofactory Nightmare and it plays amazing!! It’s fast and really stable. It wasn’t very smooth with a CenterTrac but with a 10 ball concave it’s plays really smooth!