looking for CLYW bi-metals

Looking for:
Bi-metal Banana Hammock

Recess Komodo (some scratches but does not affect play).
Superstar 2016 (displaced rim so pulse vibe, but no dings (you could press fit it and it would be dead smooth)).
Corruption (some scratches but does not affect play).
Paolista (some scratches, does not affect play).

I would be willing to trade more than one of my yo-yo’s (or all of them), cash offers also accepted. All of my yo-yo’s except for my Komodo and Paolista have a small amount (3-4 max) of vibe. I am not allergic to vibe, and therefore would take yo-yo’s with some love and a bit of vibe.

The color ways for all of the yo-yo’s listed can be seen in the image on this topic.

PM offers.

I have a blizzard for 85 mib???

what is an “mib?”