Looking for Blast/Ano job

Hello, I’m looking for someone to blast a Diamondback for me, then send it to an anodizer for me. I’m looking for the most cost efficient people that won’t wear off I guess. I can also trade some stuff for it as well. I need the best grinding surface possible, I have some important grind tricks I need to do at contests but can’t pull off with the polished finish in the hubs on my Diamondback, from there I’d either like a clear coat or solid color of some type (don’t forget the masking on the nickel/bronze weight ring to both the blaster and anodizer). Both need to be experienced at this job, I need some input from people or something, I can’t risk a ruined competition yoyo, I don’t want anodizing that makes the yoyo feel weird for some odd reason, I’ve experienced that for some reason from a custom anodizer on a yoyo that wasn’t mine, the blast needs to be very nice, I personally enjoy Werrd and Caribou Lodges finish so like that would be nice, but if something will grind for even longer and nicer, I’ll definitely take that. I’m hoping I won’t have to spend over $50, but like I said, I’d also trade yoyos for it (Preferred method). Please PM me with all the details whoever is up to the jobs, pictures would be nice as long as someone that’s provided a somewhat review or a thread of some sort. Thank you.

Pm Mullicabob (blasting) and then PM England4141 (Ano)…definitely the most cost efficient and great quality for the price. Probabaly cost around $50 for the whole thing

Mullicabob has been busy the past month whenever i asked him about a job…

Dingo54 can blast, England1414 can anodize. Mulicabob has been too busy recently.