Jekyll&Hyde:SPINS Looking for Anodizers!

So I’m back… Again.
We are finally getting our gears turning, and are almost to our goal.
Now comes the issue. Anno.
Do any of you guys know a nice Anodizer?
We wanted Aman, but the price was a tad high.

Gruntbull, How are they? I know they have relatively good rates, They seem like a decent choice.

Anyone else have input?
All answers welcome :slight_smile:

Gruntbull is your best bet. The price is good and they know what they are doing. Plus they blast as well

Our Machinist, Foxland, Blasts in house. Its dirt cheap too :slight_smile:

I’m so excited ;D

To be honest I would use foxland’s blasting, causes too many ano flaws. Gruntbull’s ano charges include blasting and electropolishing (So no string breakage). That’s my suggestion, take it as it is.


Does it?:o

At least with the blasted amid they did for me

Gruntbull is best. 5 bucks per additional color.

No… Its $3-7 per yoyo dependent on what you get. Solids being $6 then something like Bip Bop being $14. Atleast thats how it was presented to me.

See if toxic strings will anno for you. They do a beast job.