Has anyone used gruntbull? I’ve just sent for a quote but I’m wondering if anyone knows how much it usually is?

I heard its expensive. I guess you could find it out at their website…

EDIT: Yeah, here are their prices:

[i]Our finish meets MILSPEC 8265F for Type II anodizing requirements and is a minimum of 18 microns thick.

Single Color Anodizing…$110.00
Two Color Anodizing…$125.00
Total parts count of 10 pieces, all of which must be to the same marker. Dust Finish is standard, polished is extra.

Polished Finish adds at least …$60.00
Additional Parts to be Anodized…$10.00
Multi Color, Additional Colors, i.e. “swapped parts” add per color… $25.00

Two Color Fade Anodizing for 10 pieces …$165.00

Two Colors for your marker in a Fade from base color to the secondary color on the Body and Frame. Additional pieces will be the base color. Price includes Body, Frame, and 8 additional pieces. Dust Finish is standard.

Polished Finish add at least …$60.00
Additional Parts to be Anodized at least…$10.00

If you do not have 10 pieces to anodize the minimim order cost is $75.00 this would be the initial charge for one piece. [/i]

Is that the price even for a single yoyo?

I think so…not sure.

It would cost double the yoyo to get it painted if it was…

That’s why people don’t only do one yo-yo. They get together with other people to do a “run.”

Actually, Gruntbull has special yoyo pricing:

So wrong lol. That is the pricing for paintball guns. For a yoyo it is 35 for a single yoyo of 30 if you do more than 1.

I have a Peak and a Noctu there right now.

So say I wanted to get my cut anodized blue with a yellow splash, would that cost $40-$45 after shipping? and how long does it take?

Yes it should be right around that price depending on where you live.

If you follow their packaging instructions as carefully as possible and do everything on your end perfectly they can get to it sooner and everything will go a lot more smooth on their end.

My yoyos were there about 4 days and then they shipped them back to me. I should be getting them monday.

Can you get us pics when they are done? :slight_smile:

i would like to seem em too,

Be warned, the Gruntbull anodizing process is very rough, and can cause string breakage. Rub down the area around the bearing seat with an old sock for ten minutes on each side or so to prevent this from happening. We don’t want your newly anodized yoyo flying across the room do we? :wink:

I thought the string breakage was from beadblasting.

Possibly? I’ve checked C-Foam’s statement and can’t really figure it out. Better to be safe than sorry, anyway!

Yes. Beadblasting causes more friction to the string. That’s why you don’t beadblast the whole yoyo, but just the part where you grind. Then, the yoyo will be a good grinder, but the string won’t break all the time.

You are correct.

Anodizing adds almost nothing to a yoyo but color.

Gruntbull does get a little ruff with their beadblasting but it lends to a better grinding surface so I don’t mind.