Active Yoyo Refinishers

Hi all!

I’m wondering if there are any active and experienced yoyo refinishers? I have checked with just about everyone on the ‘trusted’ list that does refinishing and some are not taking new projects now while others seem to have gone inactive.

I have a OD gauntlet that is bead blasted and I would like to have it anodized, powder coated, or even painted at this point.

If anyone is up to the task, or knows a member who is, I would love to see work samples!

Try contacting grunt bull via their website. They do custom ano

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Thanks! Haven’t seen them before, they seem to do some great work!

Now to find out how much it costs (its only a gauntlet after all, not a ‘high dollar’ yoyo).

Gruntbull does excellent work with pretty fast turnaround! You’re looking at around $40 per yo-yo for custom anodization (includes stripping of existing finish, and shipping costs back), not sure what it’d be for other services.

Here’s two I had custom anodized by Gruntbull, a Smashing Crucible and ART Grail:


They are very responsive via email too :+1: