anodizing questions

Where do companies send to do splash anodizes, like who (Kitchyo?) or what companies. Also, on average how much does it cost for 30-40 yoyos or per yoyo?

Maybe ask chris? Or steve or g2jake might know! :smiley:

Kitchy, unfortunately, went out of business.
Gruntbull Anodizing does some high-quality ano jobs for cheap. They do splashes for about 3.50 per yoyo HALF. That means only about $7 for a yoyo.

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Gruntbull has minimums though. You’ll need 30 halves per colorway. If you want to make 8 colors you’ll need to make 120 yoyos.

Also certain effects costs a lot more than $3.50. Fades are $15 per half.

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He said he just wanted a splash color for 30-40 yoyos. It sounds good to me.

Just two colors then. Maybe he’s not good with that…

What’s that supposed to mean?

MFD or death!

??? ???

I think what he meant was monkey finger design :smiley: :smiley:

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thats a shame, kitchy’s ano jobs were SICK.


whay did kitchyo go out of business?

I think it had to do with school