Looking for: AntiYo Viszilla, Grey YWET and 1 set Red Heart Side Effects


I’m looking for these yoyos, can buy (if price isn’t over the top) or trade/partial trade.  Condition honestly doesn’t bother me all that much.

AntiYo YWET found
AntiYo YWET all grey
AntiYo Viszilla
AntiYo Red Heart side effects

Here is what I have left I’m trading:

YoYoFactory 1080 Set - will say near mint, no cracks. Have an adjustment tool I’ll send along $25


  • Takeshi Double Recess & painted FHZ - great yoyo, great part of yoyo history TRADED
  • 44RPM Blues - few very minor pin pricks, has rings and 45adapter/string pick. Includes box TRADED
  • TMBR Fremont - the original, 1 small scuff, mint other than that - TRADED


  • One Drop Kuntosh 5000QV - half swapped, red/gold.  Gunmetal flatcaps, original box, MINT (buy at asking price and I’ll send a brand new set of brass ultralight Side Effects with it also) - SOLD

  • One Drop x CLYW Summit - black, has 2 small dings - No longer available

  • One Drop Markmont Classic - black, has 2 small dings, brand new Toxic Draken string on it, and a KK bearing (at least I think that’s the bearing I have in this) - SOLD


Photos of the dings on the Markmont, and the scuff on the Fremont


If you buy before noon (central time) I will get it shipped the same day! Will still try to ship same day if purchased before noon, but guaranteed shipping if bought by that time :slight_smile:


Surf is sold


Feel free to send me cash offers


Bump - added Markmont Classic and Gorge


Revision & update coming tonight. Black CLYW x One Drop Summit will be added.

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