My yoyos for your Side Effects!

Hi guys, I’m trading/selling some of my yoyos I don’t use much anymore. It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forums so I’m not really sure about pricing. Don’t be afraid to offer something lower than I’m offering! Worst I can say is no. Add $5 for shipping. PM me if you want better photos/more info.


Code 1 Side Effects, preferably black or red. Dome SE’s, purple or silver or green. Will trade a cheaper yoyo or two for them.


From left to right, top to bottom row.

Kuyo Trap - dings around that have been filed to be smooth, so it looks worse than it is - $20

Loop 900 (x2) - some scratches around the edges of both, both are cracked near the width adjusting nut. Does not affect play at all - $10 ea/$15 for both.

Fiesta XX - somewhat beat, vibes a lot, not sure if that’s just how it is since it was like that when I bought it new. One cap has hole in it. - $10

One - beat to heck and back again - comes free with whatever the first person buys. Free if you wanna pay for shipping for it.

VsNYYC Battosai GONE- very near mint. 2 small dings and one nick. suuuper smooth - $80

Ministar GONE- dinged all around but smooth as butter - $50

protostar - pretty beat up, still works well - $10/$5 with anything else


random wood fixed axle yoyo - free if you pay shipping/with anything else.

Yellow freehand counterweight - free with whatever else you buy/if you pay for shipping.

pm sent